BRED Bank 2019 3x3 Tour kicked off last week-end

The BRED Bank 2019 3x3 Tour was launched on February 17th with the first stop of the year, with a total of 10 teams featuring in it.

Sunday, February 17th was the first day of the 2019 basketball with the opening tournament of the BRED Bank 2019 3x3 Tour. More than 40 players, men and women, played down at Korman Stadium 1 in an intense but friendly 3x3 atmosphere

10 teams participated to the first stop of The BRED BANK 2019 3x3 Tour

"We are glad to see that almost 40 players came to play" Sacha DUTHU, the National Basketball Development Officer, acknowledged. "The 3x3 discipline takes an important part in our development, and we are looking forward to seeing the new dimension that this game will take with the BRED Bank sponsorship" he added.

Indeed, the BRED Bank Vanuatu has decided to join the fast growing game for the 2 upcoming years, and will associate its name to the spectacular and new olympic discipline.

Teams were split in the Elite men category (6 teams) and in the Social Mixed category (4 teams).

In the Elite men category, ABM and Hot Sauce faced each other after their respective wins to Tupuji (14-7) and Vila United (14-4) in the semi-finals.

ABM took the best over Hot Sauce (10-8), even if Hot Sauce had the occasion to even the game on the free throw line in the very last seconds of the games.

In the Social Mixed category, the thrilling ending game saw team NYPD claiming the final win to team Elektro (10-8) after a very disputed overtime.

"What's important for us, it's to give to the players different opportunities to play" Sacha DUTHU shared. "Even if 5x5 has a very strong heritage in Vanuatu, we have to develop 3x3 basketball as it's a way for Vanuatu to be competitive on the international stage, as 3x3 is new for almost all the Oceanian countries" he stated.

Thanks to 3x3 basketball, the Vanuatu Basketball Federation won its first medal back in 2017 during the Van 2017 Pacific Mini Games, when the women's team received the bronze medal after only 3 months to get ready for the competition on the home ground.

The Federation is now looking forward to the organisation of the 2nd stop of the year, that is going to be held on March 3rd, at Korman Stadium 1.

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