BRED Bank 3x3 Stop 2 Heats up

It is just the 2nd Stop of the BRED Bank Tour 2019 and the number of participants continues to grow. The half day event was another success with a total of 13 teams featuring in it.

Participants in the 3x3 Tour continous to increase

The 2nd Stop was on the 10th of March at Korman Stadium 1. Over 50 men and women played competitively against each other with fair games, filthy moves and ridiculous finishes. It was an epic 3x3 tournament with the best still to come.

Teams were split in the elite men category (6 teams) and in the Social Mixed Category (7 teams)

Team ABM and Hot Sauce proved themselves once again as both teams made it to the final in the Elite Men Category. This is no fresh news as the 2 teams have faced each other in the 3x3 tour Stop 1 Finals. Both teams made it to the finals after winning Pilipinas (12-8) and Saints (14-3) in the semi finals round. Once again ABM defended their title as # 1 in the standings after winning over Hot Sauce (12-5).

Ricky DAVID, Hot Sauce Player who is also in the National Squad says one of the main challenged faced during the game was of the Opponents Height. ‘’ Although our defense was good, we just need to be more accurate in shooting, use more screens and develop a good offensive strategy to enable us to shoot easy Basket’’ Ricky shared. ‘’ We are looking forward for a rematch’’, he added.

In the Social Mix Category, Team Electro won a spot in the Final for the 2nd time in the Bred 3x3 Tour while new team Karae Brothers faced team Rudes in the semi finals. Both teams displayed a strong performance, although the Brothers dominated the game (10-8) winning themselves a place in the finals. However, team Electro came with a strong finish in the finals winning the brothers at a close score( 7-5).

‘’ We are happy to see that more people are showing interest & coming to the Bred Bank 3x3 Tour. Not only Participants but also the crowd who just come to sit and watch the games’’ Jessie MALVERUS VBF Competition Director, said. ‘’ This has been by far the most successful stop in terms of crowd and we hope that for the next stop, more people will come’’ she said.

The 3rd Stop will be held at Korman 1 on the 17th of March 2019 starting at 2pm local time.

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