BRED Bank 3x3 Tour 2019 Stop 7 gets underway last Sunday

Last Sunday, the 16th of June saw teams gather at Korman Stadium 1 to participate in the 7th Stop of the BRED Bank Tour.

A total of 4 Men's Team Participated in the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour Stop 7

Being that it was male dominated; only the Men’s Category was formed with only 4 teams competing at the tournament. Teams included ABM which was last Stop’s winner, Hakuna Matata, the Knights and Hot Sauce.

Starting off with round Robin game, The Knights had a first challenging game taking on the undefeated champions, ABM. ABM continued their domination to conclude victory over the Knights (13-10). The Knights went on to face Hot Sauce and only 1 point away from Victory losing to Hot Sauce (15-16). However their 2 straight losses did not stop the team from backing down as they clinched a 13-10 victory over team Hakuna Matata in their final round robin game.

ABM maintained their good start with victory against the Knights, then overcoming Hot Sauce (15-12) and then keeping Hakuna Matata (14-7) winless in this tournament as they advance to the finals in the competition.

Team Hot Sauce meanwhile, grabbed victory over a slow starting Hakuna Matata (10-8) in their first game. The team came to lose against ABM, however still advanced to the finals as the team earlier, with confidence was able to secure a single point win over the Knights (16-15) to secure second place in the tournament.

The success of teams ABM and Hot Sauce making it to the finals did not come as a surprise as the teams had faced each other more than once before in the finals for BRED Bank 3x3 Stop-2, 3, 5 and 6.

After winning all their games, ABM survived a 20-15 thriller in the semi- finals against Hakuna Matata. Their biggest challenge came in the final where they had to face their all time familiar opponent, team Hot Sauce. However the team was always ready to take on a challenge and had a hard-fought 13-11 victory over Hot Sauce.

VBF is now looking forward to the GRAND FINAL of the BRED BANK 3x3 Tour 2019 which will be held on the 30th of June at Korman Stadium 1

Final Standings:

1. ABM




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