BRED Bank 3x3 tournament reaches Half way last weekend

Last weekend the 14th of April, the BRED Bank 3x3 tournament reached half way of its Tour for this year. With only another 5 more stops to go before the Tour comes to an end, this doesn’t stop new faces to come and take part or have a peak of the tournament.

8 teams participated in the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour - Stop 5

While many were celebrating Palm Sunday, the event drew over 20 participants to the Korman Stadium where a total of 8 teams were formed. Teams were split evenly in the Elite Men category (4 teams) and Social Mixed category (4 teams).

Last stop saw team ABM not taking part in the tournament. However, last weekend they came back with one goal only and that was to fight back for their spot in the Elite Men category. After winning all their games, they made it through to the finals once again and were not surprised by the team they had to face which was none other than the undefeated Hot Sauce.

It was a tough grind for ABM as they had to beat a loaded National Squad composed of Ricky DAVID, Manoah MOLI and Jared OVA. Both teams showcased a very physical and highly emotional game. However Team Hot Sauce was prepared for the rematch. Jared OVA highlighted the finals with a couple of block shots that got the crowd to their feet. But this did not stop Team ABM who fought furiously .With Damon ASHWORTH as a firm post player, Sach DUTHU with ridiculous offensive moves and Junior PIKOUNE a killer defender, the combination made team ABM leading in the scoreboard. But Hot Sauce replied with a 2 point shot from Ricky that led to a tie. With only a few seconds before the game ended, Hot Sauce scored 2 points with an easy lay up from Jared and a fade away shot from Manoah, claiming victory over Team ABM (12-10).

In the Social Mixed category, Team Electro and the Karae Brothers made it the finals once again since stop #2. The last time the two teams met in the finals saw team electro defeating the Karae brothers at a close score. This time, the Karae brothers put up quite a challenge for Team Electro with spectacular offensive moves. But with 2 bronze Medalist players Pauline MALANGA and Nancy PATTERSON being in team Electro, the team kept putting the ball in the net which led to a tie of 12-all. Team Electro claimed victory again (14-12) over the Karae brothers with a 2 point shot from Nancy behind the arc.

Pauline and Nancy are poised to make an impressive showing at the friendly games between New Caledonia’s Women’s Team this weekend at Korman Stadium.

VBF is now looking forward to the friendly match between the Vanuatu’s Women National Team and New Caledonia this weekend on the 20th and 21st as well as Stop 6 of the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour at Korman Stadium on the 26th April 2019.

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