Dramatic GRAND Final successfully ends the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour for 2019

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and last Sunday saw the final stop of the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour for 2019 at Korman Stadium 1.

Being that it was the GRAND final of the Tour; teams were selected according to their rankings to participate. A total of 12 teams were chosen to participate however only 9 teams confirmed their participation.

In the Elite Men category, teams included Hakuna Matata, The Knights, ABM, Pilipinas and Hot Sauce. As for the Social Mixed Category, only 4 teams took part. These teams were Rudes, SEPIC Warriors, Elektro and Karae Brothers.

The tournament was filled with Energy and tense as teams took on each other, fighting for a good load of cash prize but also taking revenge of teams who have won. Teams also showcased changes, in terms of the level of 3x3 game played and that is was a great result of 5 months participating on the courts.

The games started off with pool rounds to playing cross knockout then straight to the Semi-finals and Finals.

Team SEPIK Warriors showing off with their cash prize

In the Social Mixed Category, having lost 2 games against Elektro and Rudes, the Karae Brothers did not give up easily. The brothers put up quite a challenge for their opponents Elektro in the semi-final rounds (13-8) and successfully booked themselves a spot in the finals.

Meanwhile, After absorbing a record loss in the pool rounds, the SEPIK Warriors bounced back big to march on to the finals with Karae Brothers, after winning team Rudes (13-11) in the semi-finals round.

The SEPIK Warriors ended with a strong finish claiming victory over the Karae Brothers (19/11) in the finals.

Team Hot Sauce with their cash prize

As for the Elite Men Category, Everybody had a hint of who would end up in the finals but this did not stop other teams in giving a good challenge to their opponents. All the teams showcased very physical and highly intense games but there there was only 2 spot in the finals. Teams ABM and Hot Sauce proved themselves once again as the unbeatable teams amongst others as they both qualified to the finals.

Team Hot Sauce was Led by Vira HAKE and a heavy loaded team composed of the National Squad who are taking part in the Samoa Pacific games (Rickie 'Rookie' VIRA, Manoah MOLI & Jared 'Nutmeg' OVA)

Team ABM on the other hand had a complete set of team members that were highly regarded as Dangerous for their killer defensive and offensive moves.

The finals was once again a rematch from the previous stop's final and the ABM's win.

This was definitely a new chance for Hot Sauce to prove ABM wrong.

With ABM leading the score before the end of the regular time, this gave Hot sauce a greater fighting spirit, and eventually managed to even the score (14-14) at the end of the game with a free throw from Jared OVA. Which meant overtime where the first team to score 2 points wins.

ABM replied back sooner than expected with an tough layup from Frédéric FONTES, giving a lead to the team by 1 point. All it took was 1 more point for the ABM team to be champion. But what happened a few minutes later, with a 2 point shot from Rikie VIRA completely ended their campaign as team ABM bow to Hot Sauce and also got the crowd on their feet.

Hot Sauces' firepower proved to be too strong for team ABM.

Hot Sauce and ABM free styling

Final Standings:

Elite Men Category

1. Hot Sauce

2. ABM

3. Hakuna Matata

4. The Knights

5. Pilipinas

Social Mixed Category

1. SEPIK Warriors

2. Karae Brothers

3. Rudes

4. Elektro

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