Hakuna Matata and ABM rule Stop 6 of the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour 2019

Last Sunday the 2nd of June, the Bred Bank 3x3 Tour continues its journey again after a long break. It was the 6th Stop of the tour and a total of 5 teams registered for the tournament.

A total of 5 teams participated in the 6th Stop of the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour

With only less than 10 teams registered, only 1 category was formed which was the Social Mixed Category.

Beginning their game against the Knights, team ABM followed up an easy victory (16-3).

The men returned to the floor 2 games later against Hot Sauce in a re-match of the Stop 5 Final. However , ABM claimed a spot in the final after dramatic win over team Hot Sauce in 5 seconds count down, courtesy of Sach DUTHU with his long-range shooting from beyond the arc (13-12)

Team Hakuna Matata on the other hand, came to the court with an undefeated force and had a clean sweep advancing to the finals beating teams Electro (12-2), the knights (8-3) and Hot Sauce (15-13).

The team earlier surprised the court with striking uniforms and they have also set a 3x3 History in Vanuatu as being the first 3x3 team to have owned a 3x3 standard uniform. The Uniforms might have arrived with luck as it somehow got the team to the finals for the first time in the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour.

With a highly competitive game between Hakuna Matata and ABM advancing to the Finals, Team ABM went back to back finishing undefeated in the competition. They defeated Hakuna Matata with a close score of 13-10.

The federation is now looking forward to the organization of the 7th Stop of the year, that is going to be held on June 16th, at Korman Stadium 1

Final Standings:

1. ABM 2. Hakuna Matata

3. Elelctro

4. Hot Sauce

5. The Knights

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