Meet Amilia "Mimi" KASTEN

After announcing its national teams, the Vanuatu Basketball Federation is proudly introducing you the players that will fly Vanuatu’s flag in Samoa to the 3x3 basketball competition.

Today, you meet a new coming one. Let’s find out more about Amilia « Mimi » KASTEN, the "height doesn't matter" point guard, that will be participating to her first Pacific Games.

Amilia joined the National Squad from this year, and discovered the fast and spectacular 3x3 discipline with her new team mates

"I remember picturing 3x3 at first as a normal game except that it only has 3 players and you still get to play full court. But then, it wasn't what i expected. I started training just this year. Met some new people who then become my second family."

For the first time in her basketball career, the 26 year-old trained at an intensive and competitive level, and it was a new and challenging process for her

"We started well, things were going easy at first. Learned new things, new ideas, new drills and every other things you could imagine when playing a new game. Preparation was tuff for me. I started having second thoughts due to the fact that training was becoming more harder and tiring for me. So i give it a break. It was a big challenge for me seeing my colleagues travelling because i know deep inside that success only comes from hardworking person who never give up and put his/her heart to the game itself.

It will be also the first time that she will put on the Vanuatu's colours. The reward for her restless commitments and efforts despite all the challenges that came up on her way.

"This will be my first time and it is a great honour to wear the national uniform to represent my country and to show to others that we are all capable of achieving a goal only through hard work, commitment and time management. Thanks to everyone who have motivated me in one way or another along the way and given me hope and a great opportunity to be in the National Team today."
It's not about the height, it's about your game (PC Ni-Van Photography)

And her expectations for the upcoming Pacific Games go beyond basketball, and she strongly trust that the whole Team Vanuatu can come back full of success at the end of the games.

"I wish the best of luck to my team and wish to change 2-4-7 (Vanuatu's best medal tally at the Pacific Games). Lets show them that our hard-works will be paid off".

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