Meet Jessie "The Wall" MALVERUS

After announcing its national teams, the Vanuatu Basketball Federation is proudly introducing you the players that will fly Vanuatu’s flag in Samoa to the 3x3 basketball competition.

You would not dare to defend her clinic screens. Today let’s find out more about Jessie « The Wall » MALVERUS, also the VBF Competition Director, that will be participating to her first Pacific Games.

Jessie was introduced to 3x3 basketball early on 2018, not long after the Van 2017 Pacific Mini Games bronze medal when the National Team was preparing to participate to its first 3x3 Asia Cup ever.

2018 marked the beginning of Jessie's 3x3 journey (PC Lava Photography)

"I first started training with the national team since the beginning of 2018. Like most of others, it was my first time to play 3x3 and it was very difficult as the game was more fast than 5x5. But being part of the National team gave more space for improvement and experience"

A good experience that got her to prepare again this year, and be ready for 2 international competitions with the women's national team.

"Preparation was tough and getting more tougher as the pacific Games gets closer. It started with training only twice a week, then it moved to 4 times a week and now we train everyday except on weekends. Training everyday is definitely a challenge but on the bright side it has given us more confidence and skills improvement. My team mates who took part in the 2017 Pacific Mini games won the Bronze medal and it is up to us now to either defend the bronze medal or better yet try to get a Silver or Gold. I wouldn't say that we are more prepared but the 10min game time on the courts will decide."

After 2 3x3 Asia Cup campaigns, the 24 year-old player will participate to her first Pacific Games, with the conviction that the National Team success will also have a positive for 3x3 locally in Vanuatu

Taking part in the Pacific Games will be my third time wearing the National Team Uniform. I was fortunate to wear the uniform in 2018 and this year at the Asia Cup in China. We did not win any of our games there but I wore the uniform anyways with pride knowing that this was only the start of something greater for 3x3 in Vanuatu.

Jessie is especially ready to put all her effort on the court to represent her country and perform at her best with the national colours on her shoulders

"I am more than happy to represent  my country, in the Pacific games. With the privilege given, I hope to become a good ambassador, showing other Pacific Islanders who we really are , show them the "Vanua Pawa". And hopefully that will make my families, my friends and my country proud."

But if you ask her what's her objective for these Games, she will go straight to the point

  "Win a medal for my country"

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