Meet Nancy "Nan" PATTERSON

After announcing its national teams, the Vanuatu Basketball Federation is proudly presenting you the players that will fly Vanuatu’s flag in Samoa to the 3x3 basketball competition.

To start our female's team presentation, you have to know that wine gets better with age. And so is Nancy PATTERSON, the fake and shoot specialist, that is coming to the Pacific Games to school some young bloods and defend the Women's team bronze medal.

Nancy started to train with the 3x3 National team in mid 2017 to prepare towards the Van 2017 Pacific Mini Games

Nancy rising up to the rim in 2017 (PC Lava Photography)

"Even though, we started our trainings at night in an outdoor court with one sport light, we still got all the information’s and instructions right from our coach. The encouraging words from my National Coach that motivated myself and my team mates helped us to train physically and mentally and also to look forward to the games even though the sport facilities are not well provided."

Nancy, a mother of 3, has always committed herself towards her trainings, even though it was not an easy say for her

"The preparation was very hard and challenging, however, this leads to success. It was challenging for me as a mother and as an employer to manage my time. But I tried my best and committing myself in all the training sessions."

She has represented Vanuatu several times on the international stage, both 5x5, and 3x3 since 2017. She still feels the same about representing here country

"It will be my sixth time wearing the National Team uniform in regional and international basketball competitions. It is always a great opportunity being in the National team uniform and representing my own country in competing with other countries. I am proud to represent and fly the National Flag of my country to show other countries that I am the role model of my own country in competing and showing respect in the games."

Looks like someone was old schooled by her "fake and shoot" (PC FIBA 3x3)

And she believes in her team's ability to perform better than the previous Mini-Games, due to her team mates great efforts towards their preparation

"The first ever 3x3 game we compete in was in 2017 and won a Bronze medal. The main objectives in Samoa are to do better than 2017 and aim to go for another step forward in position. Through another successful year of commitment in trainings, I believe and trust in myself and my team mates that we will do better than what we did in previous games."

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