Meet Riki "RickRock" DAVID

After announcing its national teams, the Vanuatu Basketball Federation is proudly presenting you the players that will fly Vanuatu’s flag in Samoa to the 3x3 basketball competition.

Today let’s find out more about Riki « RickRock » DAVID, the VMF superstar, that will be participating to his first ever Pacific Games.

Riki did not play with the National Team until this year and his first ever appearance in the National Squad that traveled to Changsha for the 2019 3x3 Asia Cup.

Few can stop Riki when he rises up to the rim (PC Lava Photography)
“I started playing and train for 3x3 Basketball since 2017. My dream is to play for the national Team one Day. National team selection names came up in 2017 and my name was not there, so I feel down and heartbroken because I did not make to the mini Games squad.” Therefore, this disappointment motivated me to train more and change my dreams of making to the national Team. And also, to train to become a basketball player for people to talk about in the years to come.”

A long and intense preparation that actually got him to make it to the final team that will feature in the Samoa 2019 3x3 competition in July.

“This Pacific Games in Samoa will be my first ever. We train 5 days are week, 6 including the twice a month tournaments. I learnt a lot and developed a lot. I feel confident about my skills and ability to play.”

Riki has dreamt of wearing this uniform for a very long time, and he finally had the occasion to achieve his long-life dream when his name came out for the 3x3 Asia Cup announcement

“Wearing Vanuatu Uniform it's a dream come true and it's an honor for me to wear this uniform, but for me it adds a lot of pressure and also motivate me to train more to achieve the team’s objective and also live up to expectation for being national player.”
Riki driving to the basket at the 2019 3x3 Asia Cup (PC FIBA 3x3)

But the Malekula native claims high his expectations for his team mates and him, and is not travelling to Samoa to play game.

"The objective of the team is to create History by winning the first gold for Basketball Vanuatu, but my personal objective would be just wining the next game and see where we go from there. With love for the Game and Country I will do anything in order to win a game."

Let's find out on July 20th if the teams meet this very ambitious objective.

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