Team Hot Sauce & Rudes Win after dramatic finals in the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour Stop 3

Mis à jour : 20 mars 2019

Sunday, the 10th of March 2019 was the 3rd stop of the BRED Bank Tour and a total of 12 teams came to participate in the simple, fast, physical and entertaining 3x3 game. For a 10min game only, participants boldly showcased their talents from the streets to the courts at Korman Stadium on Sunday.

12 teams participated in the BRED Bank 3x3 Tour -Stop 3

Teams were split evenly between the Elite Men Category (6 teams) and the Social Mix Category (6 teams)

In the Social Mix Category, team Rudes and Sepic Warriors made it to the finals after their respective wins to Karae Brothers (5-3) and NYPD (10-9).Both teams played at a very good level of basketball although Sepic Warriors could not keep up with the outstanding man to man pressure defense and overturns. Rudes claimed the final win to Sepic Warriors (10-4).

In the Elite Men Category, a change of story for team ABM as Team Hot Sauce beat ABM in the finals and won for the first time in the 3x3 Tour. This was the rematch Hot Sauce was hoping and waiting for and they eventually got it. ABM had to struggle a bit in this final, with one player injured during stop 2, leaving the team with no subs.

The team however played their very best giving their opponent a hard time. Unfortunately for ABM, that didn’t change the course of the match as they lost to team Hot Sauce (10-6).It was their first loss in the 3x3 Tour finals. Team Hot Sauce finished being ranked #1 in Stop 3. In the last Stop, they had finished 2nd .Clearly team Hot Sauce is capable of keeping pace with Team ABM.

The federation is now looking forward to the organization of the 4th Stop of the year, that is going to be held on March 31st, at Korman Stadium 1.

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