The VBF is looking forward to BRED Bank 2019 3x3 Tour Stop #2

This coming Sunday, Port-Vila will once again see the fast and spectacular 3x3 game to be happening with the Stop #2 of the BRED Bank 2019 3x3 Tour.

Jessie MALVERUS, the Vanuatu Basketball Federation Competition Director, is looking after the competition, and gives us more information about the tournament

"The tournament is happening on Sunday, March 3rd, and is opened to anyone" Jessie shared. "The competition is featuring 3 different categories, with the Elite men's and women's categories, and a Social mixed category" she added.

10 teams participated to the first 2019's tournaments, and she is looking for seeing more teams to take part in the competition, as 3x3 development is one of the VBF's top priority.

Participants of the Stop #1

"3x3 basketball requires a lower budget than 5x5, and so Vanuatu can compete at an International stage" the VBF Competition Director shared. "The more we develope 3x3  by creating more 3x3 events/tournaments, the higher the chances of the National Federation to qualify to International Events such as the Youth Olympic Games" she concluded.

A dream that might come true, if the VBF performs well on International competitions such as the upcoming 2019 3x3 Asia cup and the 2019 Samoa Games.

More information to register to the BRED Bank 2019 3x3 tour on our website

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